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Cardio Equipment Tender

We are pleased to announce that both Precor and Life fitness have indicated an intention to bid for the installation contract. As noted earlier, the first step in that process was to provide an opportunity for the vendors to showcase and trial their equipment in the club as part of our Future Zone program. 

After considering and measuring the space, we have found that there won’t be enough room for two lots of equipment in the gym at the one time. Therefore, we have decided to provide two opportunities for each supplier to have their equipment in the gym on its own. The time and dates for the equipment trials are as follows: 

  • Trial period one - 3 weeks from Monday 12th September to Sunday 2nd October. 
  • Trial period two - 3 weeks from Monday 3rd October to Sunday 23rd October. 

Thanks again for your interest in this process, 
Jean and Andrew Ward